Pet Urn for Medium Sized Dog Up to 50 lbs "Among the Clouds"

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Handcrafted pottery pet urn by Malloryville Pottery.  A lovely and unique urn to honor the memory of your pet.

Sized for a medium sized dog with a healthy weight in life of up to 50 lbs.  This urn is 3 1/2 cups in volume.

The "Among the Clouds" line of pet urns is created using a warm medium brown speckled clay, which peeks through the glaze in spots.  The lid on this urn listed has 3 embossed paw prints in chocolate brown. 

The frothy white glaze of this urn reminds me of cirrus clouds slowly passing acorss a summer sky.  I picture a lazy dog stretched out on his back in the grass, looking up to watch the clouds go by.

You will receive the exact product in the images, a unique and one-of-a-kind handmade creation to treasure.