Pet Urn Spirit Wood Fired Urn for Cremains of Medium Sized Dog

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A uniquely wood fired pet spirit urn by Brenda Werner, Malloryville Pottery. Sized for the cremains of a pet who had a healthy weight in life of up to 40 lbs.

A spirit urn is created by placing urns among ferns, moss, lichen, grasses, wood shavings, and other natural materials in a wood-fired barrel kiln.

Once the kiln is lit, smoke and flame react with the natural materials to produce unique and unpredictable patterns on the surface of each urn. This urn has ghost-like traces of Cinnamon fern leaflets on the lid and around the base.

The urn has muted tones of pink, deep rose, light blue-grey, and dappled copper. The overall effect is of rays of sunlight peeking through the shadows.

I seal the outside with bees wax to enhance the patterns; no glaze is used. As a result, his vessel is not meant for liquids or foods, and cannot be placed outdoors.

The spirit of a beloved pet is ready to inhabit each of these very special urns.

The size of this urn will hold about 3 cups, large enough for the cremains of a dog (up to 40 lbs healthy weight when living). It can be also used to hold a smaller portion from a larger pet as a keepsake, or for the ash of a smaller animal with room for a tag, collar, or favorite toy. Often the larger portion of cremains are spread in a special outdoor location your pet loved, such as a sunny spot in the yard that was favored for an afternoon nap.