Unique wood fired ceramic pet urn for cat or small dog

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This unique, handmade and rustic pottery pet urn was created by a special wood fired process.    This size may be suitable for cremains from a cat or small dog, or to hold a portion of cremains from a larger animal as a keepsake urn.  The urn can hold up to 1 1/2 cups of cremains. 

To create this individual piece, the urn was first wrapped with various heat reactive materials and buried with other pots in a large pit.  A large fire was built up vertically above the pit, using enough wood to burn for most of the day.  After another day of cooling, the urns are dug out and washed. 

What results are urns each with distinctly different markings and colorations, never to be repeated and always a wonderful surprise.  The overall coloration are beautiful muted shades of rose-brown, with areas of cream and mossy black.

The urn is closed with a removable cork that has a rough, bark-like upper surface.  The neck of the urn has a black rawhide cord tied around it. 

A very individual urn to honor your beloved pet.