"Blue Heaven" Stoneware Cat or Small Dog Urn

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"Blue Heaven", a bright blue pet urn created by Malloryville Pottery. A salt-jar style lidded urn.

I used a warm brown stoneware clay to form this piece. The base and lid were first created on the potter's wheel, and I added a raised brown paw print to the lid.

The glaze is a wonderful variegated, brilliant blue wash, "Blue Heaven" that reminds me of the heavens and skies above which our beloved dogs and cats play eternally.

The volume of this urn is about 2 cups. This size may be suitable for cremation ashes from a pet (cat or dog) who had a healthy weight in life of up to about 25 lbs .

To be sure of the urn size to order, measure your pet's cremain volume or consult your veterinarian.