Keepsake Memorial Pet Urn for Cat or Dog "Among the Clouds"

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Handcrafted stoneware pottery pet urn by Malloryville Pottery. A lovely and unique urn to honor the memory of your pet.

This small pet funeral urn is sized at 1 1/2 cups, a recommended volume to hold cremains of a cat or a small dog who weighed up to 25 lbs.   It can also be used as a keepsake urn.

The "Among the Clouds" line of pet urns is created using a warm medium brown speckled clay, which peeks through the cloud white matt glaze. There is light brown flecking across the urn surface.

The lid has one raised paw print in chocolate brown. The base of the urn has an unglazed fluted edge.  A rust colored natural rawhide cord is tied around the rim.

The frothy white glaze of this urn reminds me of cirrus clouds slowly passing across a summer sky. I picture a lazy dog stretched out on his back in the grass, looking up to watch the clouds go by.