Bright Blue Pet Urn for Cat or Medium Sized Dog up to 35 lbs "Across the Universe"

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Uniquely crafted "Across the Universe" pet urn, truly a heavenly dog cremation urn with its cosmos-like patterns. 

This brightly variegated blue and gold pet urn was designed and crafted by Malloryville Pottery, in NYS.  It truly is a special piece to safely hold your pet's cremation ashes and to honor their memory.

I used a warm brown speckled stoneware clay to create the urn, then high fired with layers of a crystalline glaze "Across the Universe".  The slow cooling process produces unpredictable patterns that remind me of the galaxies, with spontaneous blue crystal bursts, deep blue swirls, and gold flecks and spatters that are different for each urn.   

The "Across the Universe" glaze brings to mind the heavens and galaxies above where cats and dogs we have loved play eternally.

This is usually a suitable size for a dog who had a healthy weight in life of up to 35 lbs, and holds about 2 1/2 cups of cremains.

To be sure of the urn size to order, measure your pet's cremain volume or consult your veterinarian.