Keepsake Pet Urn or Cat Urn Up to 20 lbs "Blue Heaven"

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This small pet urn (cat urn or dog urn) is sized at 1 1/2 cups, a recommended volume to hold cremains of a cat who had a healthy weight of up to 20 lbs. This urn can also be used to hold a portion of cremains as a keepsake urn, after the majority have been spread in a special location.

This warm brown stoneware "Blue Heaven" urn has a two little paw prints in motion on the salt jar style lid.

After an initial bisque firing to strengthen the piece, I added layers of a glaze which then was high fired to glassify. What results is this wonderfully variegated bright blue urn which shows running effects and dark and light areas. This glaze brings to mind the heavens and galaxies above where cats and dogs we have loved play eternally.

A special keepsake urn to treasure always the memory of your pet.