Cat Urn or Small Dog Urn "Running Through Birches"

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A special, rustic small pet urn created for a cat or small dog, or as a keepsake urn to hold a portion of cremains. Uniquely made in NY by Malloryville Pottery.

This is a suitable size for a pet who weighed up to 18 lbs.  The best way to determine the size urn you need is to actually measure the volume of cremains. Consult with your veterinarian, who may help you with determining the measurement.

I created this design of urn, "Running through Birches", using two different colors of stoneware clay, chocolate brown and cream, which, when thrown together on the potter's wheel, produce unpredictable swirling patterns.  There is a clear glaze on the exterior of the urn, highlighting the dark and white contrasting clays.

This pattern is reminiscent of swirling leaves on a bright fall day, kicked up into the wind as my dog plays in the warm sun.

The lid is a plain white stoneware clay and is a salt jar style.

A special piece to safely hold your pet's ashes and to honor their memory.