Pet Memorial Leaf Garden Sculpture Bird Bath

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A peaceful and lovely bright blue leaf garden sculpture for a pet memorial, by Malloryville Pottery. 

This vibrant bird bath leaf sculpture was formed after a live leaf found locally, and measures 13" long by 11" wide.  Each leaf I create is unique, with a different leaf used for each along with hand sculpting and glaze variations.

Crafted from a high fire warm brown stoneware clay, the leaf is sturdy for outdoor use.

The glaze on this piece is a wonderful variegated vibrant blue, with touches of cream splashes throughout that appear as rain drops.

The edges of the leaf ripple upwards slightly, enough to capture falling rain for visiting birds.  Nestle this leaf among the ground cover in a flower bed, place among the stones in a rock garden, or place it upon a pedestal such as an iron stand or cut tree stump.  If you live in an area that doesn't see much rain, this leaf also works well as an attractive bird feeder.