Pet Memorial Moon Garden Sculpture

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Bird bath moon sculpture for a pet memorial garden by Brenda Werner, Malloryville Pottery.

The blue toned white glaze on this smaller leaf sculpture is perfect for a moon garden or white garden theme.  The color complements silvers, purples, and oranges common among many herbs such as lavendar, wormwood, and calendula. 

Created with a stoneware clay, this leaf sculpture measures about 11 inches long and 8 inches wide.  Use this unique artwork as a birdbath, bird feeder, or central focal point of your pet memorial garden as a natural sculpture. 

Left outside, It will gently capture rain within its folds, providing a great place for visiting birds to splash and drink.  Place it atop a tree stump or nestle it amongst low growing plants in your garden. Group with larger leaves to create a natural waterfall.

Modelled after a wild cabbage leaf, this handmade pottery is made from a warm brown stoneware clay.  The high fire glaze is semi translucent, allowing the brown tones of the clay to show through in areas.