"Running through Birches" Pet Cremation Urn for Large Dog

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Pet cremation urn for a large dog (up to 80 lbs), hand crafted by Malloryville Pottery.

This large pet urn is sized at 5 1/2 cups, a volume that usually holds cremains of a pet who weighed up to 80 lbs.

The "Running Through Birches" urn style is created using two different colors of clay thrown on the wheel, the end result always wonderfully unpredicatable. Each urn created in this style is beautifully unique in shape, pattern, and color. The clear glaze on the exterior of the urn highlights the dark and white contrasting clays.

The pattern reminds me of my dog running through the snow, and the joyful abandon she feels when outdoors.

The lid is a plain white stoneware clay with a paw print pattern. A jaunty brown leather band decorates the rim.

A special urn you can treasure always.

To be sure of the urn size to order, measure your pet's cremain volume or consult your veterinarian.