Small Pet Funeral Urn "Blue Heaven" Cat or Dog Urn

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This petite "Blue Heaven" urn, 1 1/2 cup volume, is a perfect memorial for your pet.

This size of urn is suitable to hold the ashes of a cat or small dog who had a healthy weight in life of up to 20 lbs.

It can also be used as a keepsake urn, to hold just a part of your pet's ashes when some have been scattered in a special spot, or when several family members wish to have a portion.

The urn is a brilliant, glossy, bright blue that ripples over the surface. The flowing blue glaze reminds me of the heavens and galaxies within which our beloved and lost pets play eternally.

The salt jar style lid has two little raised brown paw printsrunning across it.

A cheery pet urn that you can look upon with good memories.