Unique Pet Urn Dog Urn Handcrafted for a Medium Sized Dog

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A very unique dog urn by Malloryville Pottery.

Suitable in size for the ashes of a medium sized dog who had a healthy weight in life of up to 40 lbs. This urn is about 3 cups in volume.

The "Running Through Birches" style of urn is created using a blend of two different clays, light and dark, on the potters wheel. The resulting swirling patterns that are created are always unique and a surprise.

This style reminds me of my dog running through the trees in the woods, with dappled light shining through the leaves as she lightheartedly bounds forward.

The lid of the urn was created using the darker clay, and has the shape of a sweet little dog on top.

No two "Running through Birches" dog sculpture urns are the same, each as unique as your pet.