Unique Pet Urn for Large Dog Up to 115 lbs "Running through Birches"

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A unique pet urn for a large dog who weighed in life up to 115 lbs.  This handcrafted stoneware urn is about 8 cups in size.

The "Running through Birches" style of dog urn is created using two different natural colors of stoneware clay, cream and brown, thrown together on the pottery wheel, resulting in swirling patterns of different hues.  The urn is high fired with a glossy clear glaze, which enhances and deepens the colors of the clay.

Each urn I create is unique in pattern and form, a wonderful surprise when I open the kiln.

There is a raised brown paw print on the lid, and a rawhide cord graces the rim of the urn.

The rustic "Running through Birches" design reminds me of running with my dog through the woods, and the lighthearted, carefree joy he shows being outdoors.