Wood Fired Ceramic Spirit Urn Medium Sized Dog Urn

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A special wood fired spirit urn by Brenda Werner, Malloryville Pottery. This keepsake urn or memory urn is suitable to hold the cremains of a pet who had a healthy weight in life of up to 55 lbs.

This unique, handmade and rustic spirit pet urn was created using a wood fired pit, a process that takes several days to complete.   

A spirit urn is created by placing urns among ferns, moss, lichen, wood shavings, and other natural materials in a shallow pit.  The urns are covered with sawdust, then layers of wood above to several feet.

Once the kiln is lit, and the wood burns down, smoke and flame react with the natural materials to produce unique and unpredictable patterns on the surface of each urn.  The pots smoulder in the pit for a couple of days, then after another day of cooling are dug out and cleaned.

This urn has the negative imprint of a fine leaved fern on the lid and what looks to be a dappled sunlight pattern. There are tones of light smokey black and grey on the base. Each side of the urn is uniquely patterned.

I seal the outside with bees wax to enhance the patterns; no glaze is used.  As a result, his vessel is not meant for liquids or foods.

The size of this urn will hold about 4 cups of cremains, which can hold the cremains of a pet who weighed up to 55 lbs in life.

The spirit of a beloved pet is ready to inhabit each of these very special urns.