Two Cat Urn CUSTOM With Your Pet's Image

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Many times cats become very close in life and so it can be an option to keep them together once they pass the rainbow bridge.

This listing is for a custom urn that is sized for the cremains of two cats and has a portrait of both cats together.

The base urn is 4 to 5 cups in size, suitable for the loose cremains of two cats, who each had a HEALTHY weight in life of up to 25 lbs.

The urn is customized with an artistically rendered, painted image of your two cats on the side of the urn, along with their names and dates of life on the urn base.

I use the images you provide to understand features, coloration, and a bit about personality.  With one image I create a draft view for the urn and use a special glaze transfer process and artist's paint to create the portraits on the urn.  What results is a lifelike, artist's rendition of your cats together in life.

This style of urn is created using a light buff stoneware clay and a milky white high fire glaze. The glaze is irregular in appearance, with the look of clouds, with some light brown speckling. There is a brown leather cord around the rim.  The urn is sturdy due to the high temperature firing and stoneware clay used.  All lettering is sepia toned.

The lid has a single, raised brown paw print.  There is a separate listing with an upcharge if you want a polydactyl paw print or your cat's paw print instead.   Changes to the lid paw are a separate listing with an upcharge.

Additional wording or quotes are also available as a separate listing with an upcharge.  Quotes are placed on the lid due to space constraints on the urn base.  Please visit my shop page for these listings.  For any further customizations please contact me for a quote.

The lid has an inner ring that sets down inside the opening of the urn.  The lid may be easily sealed with a silicone glue product if so desired.

Because of the nature of the materials used, the artistry involved, and the firing process, each urn that is created will be unique, with variations in size, shape, glaze effects and design of the base and lid.  I do not use molds for urns, and being handmade each urn will have some variation in shape and size.  No two urns are exactly alike.  There may be a slight variation in volume.

The image of your cat will not be exact in color, as it is subject to artistic interpretation, the color of working images on my computer monitor, the image itself, and the limits of a paint palette.  The portrait is an artistic rendering and so will not be an exact likeness.

You will not receive the exact product in the image, but one that is similar.  It will also be customized for your pet.  

A very special keepsake urn that I hope you will cherish always.


The base price of the CUSTOM URN includes the portrait of two cats and their name and dates of life on the side.  The paw print is brown and the cord is brown.

Please contact me if you wish to have additional text (such as a pet loss quote) or a different paw print added as an upgrade (additional cost) or see on my shop page the separate listings for these additions.  These additions have an upcharge.

Please include your pet's name and dates of life in the Notes section.


After placing your order, please email me 3-4 (or more!) high quality digital images of your cats (jpeg, tiff, or gif).  It is essential that you provide one or more images of the cats together.  I will select one image to edit and place on the urn. If you have an image or pose preference, I will try to use that preference, however I do not guarantee it.  I reserve the artistic right to select and portray the image that I feel will be the best rendering.

The images should be 1000 pixels or greater in size, and including one or more close up shots is helpful.  Having more images than less is preferred, since a selection gives me a better understanding of fur and eye coloration, features, and a bit about personality.  I may contact you if I need additional or different images.


** Please allow 8-10 weeks for this custom order to be created.  During busy order times expect a full 10 week turnaround time.  Due to recent delays in USPS service, shipping may take longer than the normal 2-3 days for Priority Mail.  Please read my shop policies regarding custom orders.

** Customers are encouraged to contact me during the process to learn the status of your order, to preview an urn or image used, or to see the final urn before it is shipped.

** Due to the nature of their use, and the fact that they are custom items pet urns cannot be returned.