A special handcrafted cremation urn can be a wonderful and comforting tribute for a lost pet.  In any culture, pets become close friends and companions and often are an integral part of a family.  The loss of a pet can be a very difficult thing to experience and recover from.

Many pet owners choose cremation as an option to handle their pet's earthly remains.  Choosing a special vessel for these cremains can be a way to honor your pet and also provide a way to keep your pet's memory in daily view.  As a pet owner who has lost a number of treasured and very well loved pets over the years, I can understand the need to grieve and to remember with a smile in your heart.  I design my urns with this in mind.

Handsome image and cremation urn

 Malloryville Pottery ceramic studio is located in the heart of the beautiful Central NY Finger Lakes area.   I have been in business since 2009, but have been learning and loving to be an artist...both potter and painter... since the 1970's.

 Belle's image and cremation urn


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 Custom pet cremation urn