You've decided that an urn is the best choice for storing your pet's ashes. 

How do you decide on the size of an urn?


 String Bean and Mimi Decide on the Best Urn Size

A general guideline for choosing a pet urn size is to allow about 1 cubic inch of pet urn per 1 pound of your pet's weight.  As an example, for a cat who had a healthy weight in life of 10 pounds, an urn that is at least 10 cubic inches is needed.  Purchasing an urn slightly larger than what you need is always a good idea. 

There can be some variation in pet cremain volume based on the process and practices that a pet crematory typically uses.  Since this may result in a volume of cremains slightly different from this rule of thumb, the best and most accurate way of determining the size you need is to actually measure the volume of the cremains you have.  In many cases your veterinarian or the crematory can help you with this measurement if you are unsure.

You may decide to select a larger size than you need for the ashes if you want to include, for example, a special toy, a photo, or collar tags inside the urn.

A smaller urn may be selected if you intend to spread the bulk of the ashes in a special or meaningful place such as a favorite outdoor sleeping spot, keeping a smaller portion as a keepsake in an urn.

How does cubic inches translate to fluid ounces or cups? The following table gives approximate or rounded conversions.

Selection of Urn Size

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