Due to the nature of the use of these products, returns are not accepted and all sales are final.  Custom orders must be paid in full at the time of order.

To minimize the likelihood that you order the incorrect size urn, if you are contemplating which urn size to purchase and are unsure, please contact me at and I will provide guidance.  I provide a general guidance page on my shop site to help you select the best size, but the most accurate way to determine this is to actually measure the volume of the cremains.  Consult with your veterinarian for assistance.

I do not take responsibility for shipped items once they are in the hands of the shipper, either USPS or Fedex, and receive tracking information for all shipments.  Any lost, stolen, or mis-/non-delivered items once they are in the hands of USPS or Fedex are not my responsibility.    Once the item is recorded by the shipper as delivered, it becomes your responsiblity.  For items you believe were damaged during shipment, I can help you file a claim with the shipper.

Please email any questions you have prior to making your purchase to  Sometimes providing an extra image of the item, an extra description, or additional guidance will assist you in making an informed purchase.



I DO NOT GUARANTEE A DELIVERY DATE OR COMPLETION DATE ON CUSTOM ORDERS.  I state an 8-10 week time period for custom orders to be created.  This is a time estimate only, and allows for the creation process as well as any time needed if something goes awry during the process.  All pieces are hand formed, trimmed, decorated, dried carefully, bisque fired, glazed, dried again, glaze fired, decorated again, glaze fired again, and then a final decoration is made.  During the winter, when severe or negative temperatures are expected, I do not run my kiln.  During the rainy season, drying of pottery will take a bit longer.  Anything that goes wrong during any of the processing stages can delay producing the final product.  Thus, I cannot guarantee pottery will be produced witin a specific time frame.  With that said, the 8-10 week time can be longer, or the item may be finished earlier than 8-10 weeks.

I try to communicate with you regularly once a custom order is placed, and even before you commit to the purchase to ensure it will be what you want.  However, each custom urn is a piece of art, not a mass manufactured product, and so a bit of my artistry will go into every piece.  Because of the intricate and multi-step creation process, there will be expected variations and perceived imperfections in color, shape, size, and form.  These qualities are part of the artistry of handmade pottery.  Please take a look at all of my work so that you are happy with my overall artistic style before committing to a purchase.  You are welcome to ask for additional images or additional information to help make your decision.

For custom urn orders, I ask for a selection of 3-4 images or more that are good quality and of large pixel size (>1000 pixels).  After the order is placed, you can email me the images and I will review them to make sure that they will work.  If the pictures are not acceptable for any reason, I will contact you to arrange for different images.  If additional images are not available, I reserve the right to cancel the transaction and refund your money.  In most cases, we can work out images that will be suitable for me to work with.  Unless specified by the customer, I select the one image that will work for the urn.  If a customer has a preference for a particular image, I will try to work with that image.  However, if I cannot do so, the final selection of the image will be my decision.

When selecting an urn size, THE BEST SITUATION IS TO ACTUALLY MEASURE THE VOLUME OF THE CREMAINS YOU HAVE IN CUBIC INCHES.  This sometimes can be performed by your veterinarian.  This is the most accurate way of determining the correct urn size to order.  The size recommendations in my listings are suggestions only, and meant to be a general guide, and may not always apply.  Different crematoriums may have different efficiencies or processes for cremation, and so final volumes will vary.  If the volume of cremains is very close to the listing size, I suggest ordering one size larger to be sure.  Again, once an order is placed, the order is final and no returns are accepted due to ordering an incorrect size.

Additional Policies:

Malloryville Pottery reserves the right to cancel an order during any stage of the process and to refund the customer. Malloryville Pottery reserves the right to not sell to any customer for any reason, and reserves the right to cancel a transaction.  Malloryville Pottery will not ship an item if additional shipping fees are due or if payment does not clear. 


Visit my Terms of Service page for more shop policy.


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