Malloryville Pottery at Cinch Art Space in Cortland NY

Malloryville Pottery Garden Leaf Bird Baths at Cinch Art Space

Rock Garden Birdbath Large Leaf Bird Bath


Find a selection of stoneware garden art, including these unique large leaf birdbaths, each individually formed after a native woodland leaf.

 Moon Garden Leaf Bird Bath

Cinch Art Space at the Cortland Corset Building, Cortland, NY
(no, not a Yoga shop, but a fabulous local craft and artist gallery!)
Cinch Art Space
Located off of Port Watson Street, behind the Cortland Fish Market
Shop local crafts and artwork, including Malloryville Pottery
Cinch Art Space

Malloryville Pottery Pet Urns in Etsy Mud Team Pets Collection

A selection of Malloryville Pottery handcrafted pet urns are also available on Etsy.  Malloryville Pottery has had an Etsy shop since 2011, and has also been a member of the Etsy Mud Team, a group of Etsy ceramic artists.  This team has recently featured a number of Malloryville Pottery dog and cat pet cremation urns in a pets collection .  Visit the collection to see Malloryville Pottery unique pet urns as well as a variety of fun ceramic pet items such as pet dishes, pet ornaments, and more.


Pet Urn by Malloryville Pottery Custom pet photo urn on Etsy Custom cat urns on Etsy