CUSTOM Pet Portrait Urn for Large Dog Up to 75 lbs

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CUSTOM dog urn with your pet's photo, by Brenda Werner, Malloryville Pottery. This 5-5 1/2 cup size may be suitable for the loose cremains of a dog who had a HEALTHY weight in life of up to 75 lbs.  The best way to determine the size urn you need is to actually measure the volume of cremains. Consult with your veterinarian, who may help with determining the measurement.

This urn is customized with an artistically rendered image of your pet on the side of the urn, along with their name and dates of life on the urn base. I edit the images you provide, and use a special glaze transfer and paint process to create the pet's image on the urn. What results is a lifelike rendition of your pet.

For any further customization, please contact me for a quote.

This style of urn is created using a light buff stoneware clay and a milky white high fire glaze. The glaze is irregular in appearance, with the look of clouds and some speckling. Lettering is in sepia.  There is a brown paw print on the lid and a leather cord around the rim.


Because of the nature of the materials used, the artistry involved, and the firing process, each urn that is created will be unique, with variations to be expected in size, shape, glaze effects, and design in the base and lid. There may be a slight variation in volume. Sometimes I alter the urn shape slightly to enhance the particular pet image the customer selects or personality.

The images provided show you the possible variations to expect; you will not receive the exact product in the images. I do not craft these urns to be perfect replicas of each other in shape or size, and the kiln often dictates how the glaze will appear. Each urn is a wonderful surprise when the kiln is finally opened. Customization and slight variations from the process makes them even more unique and special.


When selecting an urn size, the best situation is to know the volume of loose cremains you have, either in cubic inches or ounces/cups. Your veterinarian or crematorium can help you with this measurement.

Generally, the rule of thumb is to allow 1-1.2 cubic inches volume of urn for each pound of HEALTHY pet weight. If using these guidelines, for a pet who weighed up to 75 lbs, a 42 ounce size is suggested. This will hold about 5-5 1/2 cups of loose cremains (not bagged).  There can be volume variability between cremation facilities, so it is always best to measure the loose cremains.

**It is better to order larger than you need. I have listed other sizes in this custom urn. If the volume of cremains is very close to the listing size, I suggest ordering one size larger to be sure. **


When ordering, include your pet's name in the Comments section of the ordering screen. After placing your order, email ( a minimum of 3-4 high quality digital images of your pet (jpeg, tiff, or gif). The images should be 1000 pixels or greater in size, and including one or more close up shots is helpful. Original, unedited images are best. I will contact you to let you know if the images will work or if I need additional ones.

I will select one image to edit and paint on the urn. If there is a picture that is a favorite, let me know and I will try to work with it, but do not guarantee use of the preferred image.

The painting of your pet will be an artistic rendering and not a photographic image or exact replica in terms of coloration and features.  Representation is based on the artist's point of view, the images you provide, the available paint pallette of colors, and variations in computer screen monitors.  


***Please allow 8-10 weeks for this custom order to be created. ***
Please email me ( during the process for any questions you might have, or to learn the status of the urn creation process.


Please review my shop policies and message me with any questions you have before placing your order.

**Urns cannot be returned due to the nature of their use, and due to the fact that they are custom items.**

Urns cannot be returned due to the nature of their use.