Custom Cat Urns - Early January 2021 Malloryville Pottery

Custom painted cat cremation urns Malloryville Pottery
Pet cremation urn from your photo Malloryville Pottery
Pet loss quote Malloryville Pottery
Pet memorial urn Malloryville Pottery
Cat cremation urn Malloryville Pottery Studio on Etsy

Winter 2021 at Malloryville Pottery Studio - The Kiln is Cooking!

On snowy winter nights, Malloryville Pottery Studio is warm and cozy with the kiln running and lots of orders to fill.  While the second bisque firing of the week is heating up, there are urns to glaze and urns to handpaint with pet portraits.
Winter 2021 Malloryville Pottery Studio
Malloryville Pottery Studio in Winter
Snowy night at Malloryville Pottery

Custom Cat Image Urns - February

Showcasing some of the custom cat image cremation urns created this month.

Painted from your pet's imageHandpainted ceramic urn from your pet's photo
Pet Portrait Cremation Urns
Pet loss quoteMemorial for your pet
Memorials for pet cremains
Pet urn for ashesPet Loss
Stoneware pet urns for cats and dogs

Cat and Dog Pet Urns - Custom Painted Portrait Urns



A perfect memorial to your pet
Lolita and Petunia Custom Cat Urn
Samie - Custom Cat Image Urn
Pet portrait urn
Cat pottery

Custom Ceramic Urns for Cats, and Dogs Too!

The most recent custom pet urns, completed September 2019, created by Malloryville Pottery ceramic artist.

These creations custom designed for your pet can be ordered here or on my Etsy shop.

Three handpainted cat cremation urns
Ceramic cremation urns for cats, custom image urn
 Tuxedo cats custom image urns
Custom image cat urns and dog urns with your pet's likeness
Artisan urns hand painted with your pets likeness