More Custom Pet Urns

A few more custom ceramic pet urns, both cremation urns for dogs and cats, have been completed this week.  I took advantage of this sunny early spring afternoon to photograph the urns I finished. 

Wawa's dog urn is the Running through Birches style, with a sepia toned imprint of his image on the side.  The lid has his name and dates of life.  I didn't notice the sun rays shining down on his urn until afterwards, when looking at the images taken.  Truly a heavenly beam, from across the Rainbow Bridge.

Custom Dog Urn


The cat urns were painted on a creamy white glazed light buff stoneware clay.  The white glaze is hazy in spots, appearing as if clouds.

Custom Cat Image Urns

Kuzoo's urn lid has an imprint of his own paw, and individual and special touch.

Custom Painted Cat Urn

This evening I was back in the studio, painting the last two custom pet urns, one each of a cat and a dog...more images to follow soon!  

Spirit Pet Urns - Pit Firing Pet Urns in Winter

Spirit Pet Urn

This weekend I tried a pit firing of a small batch of stoneware "Spirit" pet urns.  Each time I have done a pit firing the weather has been different...this time it was during one of our first cold and snowy snaps of this winter season.

I was nervous at first that the fire would not be hot enough or long lasting to create the wonderful smokey patterns that typically form on these pieces.

But, two days later, the pit was still hot and doing its work.  I unearthed each urn carefully, finding each with wonderfully different patterns and hues.  Several had cloudy mists of red, purple, and gold, while others had ghostly patterns of fern leaflets I collected this weekend.

The heat and smoke produced different patterns all around the surface of each urn, so that there are wonderful non-repeating patterns.

Look for a selection of these spirit pet urns on my website for sale.  Each is a particularly unique creation, each a perfect memorial to a beloved pet.

 Fern image on urn cap

Wood Fired Pottery Pet Urn

Unique Pet Urn Wood Fired

Unique patterns on a wood fired pet urn